Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stupid Politician Tricks #2

The Goracle compares fighting global warming to fighting the Nazis.


Albert Gore, Jr., has-been former Vice President of the U.S. and former Senator from Tennessee, and self-appointed Godfather of the radical, left-wing, tree-hugging, global warming freaks, has compared the battle against climate change to the battle against the Nazis. Gore stated that the danger of climate change is as urgent as was the threat from Nazi Germany in the last century. Fox News story here.


First of all, the threat from Nazi Germany was real, and most free nations recognized the danger, even if they could not agree on what to do. As to "climate change" and "global warming", there is no consensus among scientists that any ongoing climate change is anything but the cyclical changes that the Earth goes through. As to global warming, most data show that the Earth is actually cooling and has been for over ten years. The only consensus is among left-wing nut-cases like Al "the Goracle" Gore who want Americans to give up freedoms, pay more taxes, and live in a stone-age environment.

Second, there is a huge irony in Gore's comparison. National Socialism (Nazism) was a left-wing movement in Germany. It was a movement with an inflexible, destructive, and scientifically unsound ideology which it's politicians placed beyond questioning by the public. Openly questioning National Socialist dogma would result in severe punishment and possible death. Global Warming is a left-wing movement in the United States largely pushed by Democrats and other far-left groups. It is a movement with an inflexible, destructive (to the economy and our way of life), and scientifically unsound ideology which it's leaders (such as Al Gore) have placed beyond questioning by the public. Openly questioning the left's global warming dogma results in severe punishment in the form of being publicly ridiculed and labelled the equivalent of a "holocaust denier".

To me, a conservative being called "worse than Hitler" by any leftist is a supreme insult, because it insinuates that the insulted person has a political ideology as far to the left as Barack Obama, Barney Frank, and Sonia Sotomayor.

Equating the current left-wing cause to the left-wing sins of the past century is one doozy of a Stupid Politician Trick.

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