Sunday, July 26, 2009

Freeze Dried Pork Chops

I'm always looking for good deals on quality food for the stash. Recently I noticed that a few places are selling freeze dried pork chops in #10 cans. These are military surplus and were manufactured in 1991. Prices were from $30.00 a can and up. Various descriptions indicate about 30 pork chops per can.

I found this to be intriguing considering that many Mountain House entrees are at least $30.00 per can and are only partly meat. Also, the most inexpensive sources I have seen for freeze dried meat in #10 cans is around $45.00 per can.

Then I noticed that MREdepot had a sale on Ebay for cases of six cans of freeze dried pork chops. $126.00 per case, shipping included. I found a review at the Whitebread on Patrol blog, which indicated that these 18 year old pork chops are indeed edible, just not very tender. I can deal with that, and the price of $21.00 a can, so I ordered up a case. They arrived Friday in an unopened case and in excellent condition. If MREdepot is correct, these should be good for at least another twelve years.

The pork chops aren't on sale at this time, but the regular price on Ebay from MREdepot is $139.00 per case including domestic shipping, which is still a good deal.

Now, I just need to find government surplus ribeye steaks and chicken breasts.

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  1. These are avery good del and MREdpot hasnt beenb able to acquire any more.For Freezed Dried Protein it doesnt get much cheaper than that !

    Better to have your supply because when you need it and dont have it-your screwed!